Health and Wellness

Redefining Self-Care

When I first got the idea to write about self-care, I had just completed my yoga routine and was sitting up on my mat reflecting and mulling over some ideas. While I generally prefer to do a power yoga class in the morning because it helps to energize me and get me in the right […]


Developing Genuine Self-Esteem

Most of us struggle with self-esteem at some point in our lives. Our self-esteem is developed during childhood. It is also during our childhood and sometimes our adolescence that our struggle usually begins. Many of us overcome these struggles as we mature and move on to other phases of our lives, while for some of […]


The Masks We Wear

The year 2020 is one that will go down in history. Covid19 came out of nowhere, disrupting our lives and our livelihoods. Efforts to control the spread of the disease have resulted in various pieces of legislation being passed; the latest of those being, the wearing of masks while in public spaces. Social scientists have […]